Classic box – a set suitable for one person

Classic box – a set suitable for one person

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A classic box of Khao Chae is perfect for one person.

Khao Chae (ข้าวแช่), literally “soaked rice”, is cooked rice served in cool jasmine infused water, usually with some ice. It is the perfect pick-me-up in the summer heat. The rice is typically served with an assortment of side dishes. The most common ones are;

• Kapi Balls (ลูกกะปิ)
Deep-fried bite-sized balls of shrimp paste. Our shrimp paste from Kum island Ranong province.

• Duck Eggs Yolk Drip (ไข่เค็มทอด)
Salty egg yolk in batter.

• Stuffed Shallots (หอมแดงไส้ปลา)
Deep-fried shallots stuffed with minced fish. Our Shallot from Sisaket province.

• Stuffed Thai Green Bell Pepper (พริกหยวกไส้หมูและกุ้ง)
Thai Green bell peppers stuffed with minced pork and prawn then wrapped in an egg crepe.

• Shredded Pork (หมูฝอย)
Sweet & salty pork shredded into fine strands. Dried fish with herbs.

• Shredded dried fish (usually yi-son) stir-fried with coconut blossom sugar
Our fish from Phetchaburi province. Our coconut blossom sugar from Samutsakorn province.

• Stir-fried chai poh (ผัดหัวไชโป๊)
Pickle turnip stir-fried with palm sugar and crispy egg drop Chai poh (pickle turnip) from Ratchaburi province.

• Fresh organic vegetables (ผักออร์แกนิค)
Rhizome finger roots, raw mangoes, cucumbers, white turmeric and spring onion. Organic Jasmine rice from Yasothon province. Jasmine flower from Supanburi province.

* The product lasts for 1 day.